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For ANIMAL EMERGENCIES that occur after normal business hours and on holidays please contact the Harker Heights Police Department at 254.953-5400. For all other after hour inquires please leave a message at the
Harker Heights Pet Adoption Center (254.953.5472).

There is never a shortage of pets in need of loving, responsible homes. Dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, and many other types of animals, are waiting for their new families in our shelter, and in shelters across the country. It is very important that you consider what type of pet you are wanting to adopt, and to research not only species, but breed, energy level, size, maintenance, and cost of ownership. A pet is a lifetime commitment and is not a decision to be made lightly!

All of our shelter cats and dogs are spayed or neutered prior to adoption, have received age appropriate vaccines, and are microchipped, given a flea prevention and dewormer. After adoption, it is important that you take your new pet to your personal veterinarian for follow up care, booster vaccines, and a general health check-up. The City of Harker Heights cannot guarantee health, nature, or disposition of the animals, and it is the responsibility of the new owner to ensure their new pet is cared for.

Most shelter pets will require an adjustment period once they are adopted and in their new home. That time frame can vary from a few days, to a few weeks or longer, depending on the individual pet. Please allow time, patience, and structure to your newly adopted pet. If for any reason, you feel that your adopted pet is not working out, you have the option to return the animal within 3 days of adoption, minus any refunds. Please call the shelter if you have any questions in regards to returning an adopted animal. If you are having trouble with specific issues with your new pet, but determined to work it out, consulting with a professional pet trainer is always a good idea.


If you are missing a pet, please call the shelter at 254-953-5472, and check for the most current listing of our stray pets. We also strongly suggest you come and search the shelter in person, as well as surrounding city shelters, and provide a photo of your missing pet with contact information. Stray animals are held 72 hours before being becoming property of the city, and can then be placed up for adoption, sent to a rescue organization, or humanely euthanized.

If your pet is impounded at the shelter, there are fees associated with reclaiming your pet. Please contact the shelter at 254-953-5472 to go over those fees.


If you have found a pet in the City of Harker Heights, please call the shelter at 254-953-5472. Please note that our shelter can only accept stray animals found within our jurisdiction. All stray animals should be scanned for a microchip, which can be done at our shelter or any veterinary clinic or animal shelter. Social media is also a great tool for reuniting lost pets, so posting to local lost and found pages, neighborhood pages and apps often lead to quick reunions of lost pets and their families.


If you are needing to surrender your pet, please call the shelter at 254-953-5472 to be placed on our owner surrender waiting list.  


It is very important to have your cat or dog spayed or neutered for multiple reasons, which includes preventing unwanted puppies and kittens, reducing the overpopulation of stray animals, reducing health complications in intact animals, reducing aggression, and reducing the desire to escape and run away.  Please consult with your veterinarian about the best age to have your dog or cat spayed or neutered. 


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