Applications and forms submitted by current elected public officers may contain redactions of personal identifying information including, but not limited to, home address and home phone number pursuant to Section 552.117(a)(17) of the Texas Government Code, as amended by House Bill 1082 (87th regular Legislative Session).

Effective September 1, 2023, these reports will be available on this page for five (5) years from the date of filing.

Name  Link to Form Date Filed
 Shane Hodyniak II  CTA Form  9-8-2023
 Stacey L. Wilson  C/OH Form  1-16-2024
Sam Halabi CTA Form 1-17-2024
Brianna Harrelson CTA Form 1-22-2024
D Michael Jones CTA Form 1-26-2024
Shane Hodyniak II C/OH Form 4-3-2024
D Michael Jones C/OH Form 4-4-2024
Brianna Harrelson C/OH Form 4-4-2024
Stacey L. Wilson C/OH Form 4-4-2024
Shane Hodyniak II C/OH Form 4-26-2024
Brianna Harrelson C/OH Form 4-26-2024
Stacey L. Wilson C/OH Form 4-26-2024
 David M. Jones C/OH Form 4-26-2024