Annexations in Harker Heights


The City is currently in the process of annexing about 370 acres of land along (A) Stillhouse Lake Road (FM3481) and Cedar Knob Road; and (B) Stillhouse Lake Road (FM3481) and Chaparral Road Click here to see the location map.

As part of the process, the City has outlined a service plan to be initiated in the proposed annexed areas within 2 ½ years after the annexation process is completed and adopted by City Council. Please click here to see the 2015 Annexation Service Plan A and 2015 Annexation Service Plans B.


The State of Texas designates the extraterritorial jurisdiction (E.T.J.) of each city as the unincorporated areas contiguous to the corporate boundaries for purposes of future annexations. The size of the E.T.J. is determined by the population of the city. In the case of Harker Heights, the E.T.J. extends two miles from the city's boundaries. The E.T.J. has been changed in areas adjacent to the cities of Nolanville and Killeen, subsequent to agreements worked out among the cities in 1973, 1976 respectively.


Since 1960, when the City was incorporated, the city has expanded from an area of 1.5 square miles to an area of over 14 square miles. Annexations have resulted from both city initiated actions and property owner requests. In a calendar year, the city may not annex a total area greater than 10 percent of the total size of the city as of January 1 of that year. However, if the city does not annex the entire 10 percent it may carry over the unused allocation for use in subsequent calendar years. Any annexation that is the result of the request of owners would not be included in this limitation.


Each city must prepare an annexation plan on or before December 31, 1999 that specifically identifies annexations that may occur beginning in the Year 2003. However, annexations may occur without being identified in the plan if:

• The area contains fewer than 100 residentially developed tracts, or
• The area is annexed by petition of more than 50 percent of the property owners, or
• The area is or was the subject of an industrial district contract or strategic partnership agreement, or
• The area is sparsely occupied and the annexation is requested by the owners, or
• The area is located in a colonia, or completely within the boundaries of a closed military installation, or
• The municipality determines the annexation is necessary to protect against imminent destruction of property or injury to persons, or
• The municipality determines the annexation is necessary because a condition exists that constitutes a public or private nuisance.

Areas located within the Harker Heights E.T.J. are exempt from the annexation plan requirements because no area contains more than 100 residentially developed tracts. The City Council adopted the Annexation Plan by resolution and established all areas in the E.T.J. as exempt from the plan. Click here to see the annexation plan.


Future annexations in Harker Heights are subject to established procedures defined by the State of Texas. Before the City may institute annexation it must conduct two public hearings after proper notice is given. Prior to the publication of the notice of the first hearing, the City Council shall direct the Planning and Development Department to prepare a service plan for public review that provides for full municipal services by any of the methods by which it extends the services to similar areas of the city.