Zoning is one of the major functions of municipal government, authorized by State Law, which divides the City into distinct districts for the purpose of regulating the use and development of the land. Through the zoning process, the City attempts to ensure compatible land use patterns by minimizing conflicts between uses and, therefore, protecting property values and enhancing the urban environment.

The City of Harker Heights' Zoning Ordinance is a body of regulations pertaining to allowable uses within given zoning districts, characteristics of the sites occupied by those uses, and the geographic area contained within the boundaries of zoning districts. When considering the future uses of a property in the City of Harker Heights, your first step will be to consult the Planning and Development Department. The planning staff is available to assist you in making this determination and will serve as your point of contact for information throughout the zoning process.

If it is determined that your proposed use conflicts with the allowable uses within the existing zoning district, you may consider making application for a request to change the designated zoning of your site to one that will accommodate your use.

Your first step in the zoning change process (which establishes an actual amendment to the Zoning Ordinance) will be to contact the Planning Staff to discuss the nature of your zoning request. Staff will help you explore the feasibility of your request. Your request will be reviewed for its compatibility with the existing land uses and the City of Harker Heights Land Use Plan.

The second step will be the submission of your application for zoning change, Planned Development District, or Conditional Use Permit. Note that all property owners within 400 feet of the subject property are notified of the zoning change and are invited to attend all public hearings concerning the zoning change.

Following application submission, your case will be heard by the Planning & Zoning Commission, who will make recommendation regarding your request to the City Council. The City Council will, in turn, decide the final disposition of your request.



Zoning Process FAQs

The following addresses the most frequently asked questions regarding the zoning process.

How do I check the zoning of my property?
The Planning and Development Department will be your central point of contact for information regarding the zoning process. You can address your questions to planning staff.

What if the zoning district does not allow my proposed use?
You may investigate the possibility of requesting a zoning change of the property to a district appropriate for your proposed use, or find property that already has the appropriate zoning.

How do I initiate the process?
Obtain an application from Planning and Development. Complete the application and return it to Planning and Development with supplemental information as needed. 

*Note: It is always advisable to first discuss your request with Planning Services staff.

How long will the rezoning process take; what is the cost?
A minimum of one and a half months from the due date is needed to complete all the different public hearings required. A list of meeting dates and deadlines is available in the Planning and Development office and this website. $200.00 nonrefundable fee must be paid when submitting the application.

How do the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council obtain public input?
The Planning and Development Department will mail notices of your request to all property owners within 400 feet of the subject property at least 11 days prior to the first public hearing. Notices are also placed in the Legal Notices section of the local newspaper, and agendas posted publicly on the front of the Municipal Building. Planning and Development highly recommends that you contact adjacent property owners prior to this notification. Those persons wishing to comment will have an opportunity to do so at the public hearings, or they can mail their comments.

What does the public hearing process entail?
The public hearing process involves appearing before the City's Planning & Zoning Commission and then the City Council. Each will hear your request, staff’s report, any presentation you have prepared as well as public input before reaching a decision on the matter. The Planning & Zoning Commission will make a recommendation to the City Council regarding approval or denial of your request. The City Council then holds a public hearing and makes a decision on the request.

How should I prepare for the public hearing?
First of all, presentations should be brief and concise and are usually helpful but are not required. You should describe any impacts on existing uses (both negative and positive) that would be created by the requested zoning and proposed use. If you decide to use a power point presentation, notify Planning and Development early in the process prior to the meeting so arrangements can be made. Finally, you should describe any efforts (and results of previous meetings, if any) that have been made to discuss the request with nearby property owners.