Comprehensive Plan

On January 23, 2007, the City Council adopted the City of Harker Heights Comprehensive Plan. The plan is intended to provide overall guidance to areas which are vacant as well as to areas which have already developed. The plan functions to direct the most appropriate land use for all areas of the city. The plan is implemented most directly at the time zonings are made.

The comprehensive plan is a working document utilized by the City of Harker Heights to guide it in its decision making processes. The comprehensive plan presents relevant historical data, inventories the current resources of the City, states clearly the City’s goals and objectives for the future, and provides a framework for obtaining those goals and objectives. In other words, the comprehensive plan is like a road map which shows where the City is now and where the City would like to go. Harker Heights’ comprehensive plan was developed with input from citizens, business leaders, and government agencies. The City of Harker Heights' Comprehensive Plan can be accessed by clicking the previous link.