Harker Heights City Park Rules


The Harker Heights Parks and Recreation Department hope you have an enjoyable time in the parks, participating in our programs, and visiting our facilities. Our goal is to maintain a clean place to foster community, build fitness, and lead a healthy and happy life. Below are the guidelines for use of our parks and facilities.

The City Parks shall be open to the general public from 5:00 am to 11:00 pm, except as specifically posted otherwise (either permanent or short-term by approval).


    • Use or possess any glass beverage bottle in City parks.
    • Alcoholic beverages or intoxicated behavior in park and athletic facilities is not permitted (use of alcohol subject to council approval)
    • Parking in undesignated areas.
    • Operating a motor vehicle within a park, except on roads and parking lots.
    • Fires in undesignated grills or fire pits.
    • Overnight sleeping.
    • Conducting any commercial or business activities without written permission.
    • The use of loud speakers, public address systems, or amplifiers is prohibited without written permission (Ch. 95 – Noise Regulations – City Ord.)
    • Disturbing legitimate or permitted facility use, activities, events, leagues, tournaments, etc.
    • Indecent or abusive language, or any activity, which creates a public nuisance.
    • Removing or damaging plants, grass, or otherwise disturbing any part of the environment
    • Improper disposal of litter, to include pet waste.
    • Swimming in ponds.
    • Vandalizing or defacing any structures, facilities, or natural features.
    • Firing or discharging any fireworks, air powered weapon, archery device, firearm or other weapon.
    • Horses on any trail.
    • Unleashed pets, except in designated areas. Removal of animal waste is required.
    • Failure to observe posted signs in parks and along trails.

    • Facility Rentals
    • Park Events
    • Special Event
    • Extended Hours
    • Itinerant Merchant
    • Noise Waiver Special Use Permits are obtainable only by visiting the Recreation Center (307 Miller’s Crossing).

    • Respect other users, expect other users.
    • Be friendly and courteous.
    • Share the trail. Ride, walk, or run on the right, pass on the left.
    • Stay on the trail. Creating your own trail or cutting switchbacks creates erosion, damages habitat and causes new trails which cannot be maintained.
    • Bicyclists yield to runners and hikers. Keep your bike under control and at a safe speed.
    • Downhill traffic should yield to uphill traffic. When in doubt, give the other user the right of way.
    • Warn people when you are planning to pass.
    • Anticipate other trail users around corners and blind spots.
    • Ride within your ability at all times.
    • Respect wildlife.
    • Use caution when using headphones. You may not be able to hear people trying to warn you.
    • Leave no trace. Pack out your litter.
Jeff Achee
Jeff AcheeDirector of Parks and Recreation[email protected]
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