Narcotics and Organized Crime

The Special Investigations unit’s primary responsibility is the investigation of drug trafficking, violent and other special crimes.  Additionally, the section investigates computer related crimes and provides forensic computer services.
The section works closely with local, state, and federal agencies and is a participating agency with the Central Texas Narcotics Task Force.

Like all U.S. cities and towns, Harker Heights faces a growing battle against drugs. The police can't solve this problem alone. Success requires community awareness and involvement. If you see suspicious activity in our community please take a moment to contact us. Your information will be kept anonymous and confidential.


• Large amounts of traffic occurring at strange hours with people coming and going quickly.
• Finding drugs or paraphernalia (syringes, pipes or plastic packets) in the area.
• Repeated, observable exchanges of items, especially when money is visible.
• Offers to sell you drugs or conversations about drugs that you overhear.
• Groups of individuals frequently congregating in the same area.
• Buildings where extreme security measures seem to be taken.

To report suspicious activity, please call the Harker Heights Police Department at (254) 953-5400.